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When failure is not an option.
When hope is not enough.

Company Guard Popovic Security through video surveillance, using fire protection systems and the presence of workers' physical and technical security, provides quality 24h security objects and persons.

About Us

Company Guard Popovic Security based in Belgrade operates throughout Serbia and with about 200 of engaged security officers, has the potential to respond to the most complex job requirements.

Guard Popovic Security, (hereinafter: GP Security), performs its functions only in accordance with applicable legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia, and therefore in compliance with the Law on Private Security, and other laws and regulations based on law, as well as with other applicable regulations and with full respect for international standards and professional practices, strictly taking into account the manpower engaged, customers and users of our services.

GP Security management structure consists of:

  • - Graduated security managers (Faculty of Security in Belgrade)
  • - Crime (Police Academy in Belgrade)
  • - Graduated Lawyers
  • - Former army officers
  • - The supervisor and heads of security

GP Security has implemented integrated management system according to requirements of the standards:


  • Provision of facilities
  • Security of persons and property
  • Design and Training
  • Fire protection
  • Health & Safety at work
  • Analysis and Consulting
  • Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Our management structure makes trained staff - Managers Security, Crime, Lawyers and former army officers
  • We have key personnel licensed in prestigious institutions
  • We offer training of trainers for security affairs

Why Guard Popovic Security?

  • We provide professional and accurate reports
  • Well trained staff for security protection at work and fire protection
  • We provide added value that can be easily measured


Milutina Milankovica 120 g /3a
11070 Novi Beograd

tel/fax: +381 (0)11 3132 495